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Great things happening in Finland – OPEN 2009, call for papers

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Sharing this blogpost by Helge Keitel, original idea by Petri Kola – see you in Finland, virtually or live 🙂

“I got this Call for Papers « OPEN 2009 from Petri Kola. “OPEN 2009” – Media Lab Doctor of Arts Symposium Media Lab, University of Art and Design Helsinki | November 5.–6., 2009 | Helsinki, Finland

What does this mean for …

… organizations?
… consumers?
… citizens?
… research?
… business?
… design?
… culture?
… art?
… society?
… environment?
… you/me/us/everyone else?

pic01Pic: Irmeli Aro’s Flickr

Here is more about “OPEN 2009” – Media Lab Doctor of Arts Symposium focuses on the role of openness in a post-industrial society. The central argument goes as follows: Coupled with the continuous development of an open network infrastructure, new ways of organismic, communicating and collaborating are rapidly changing the lives of people globally. The efficiency and resilience of these practices is bringing them from the periphery of the society towards its center. Thus far, software development and media are areas where new organizational forms have been able to out-compete more traditional forms. Examples stemming from Linux software development and the Wikipedia community have widely been used to describe the trend. They are based on open knowledge and individual empowerment, representing an alternative for the traditional hierarchical power relation. We believe that the phenomena will continue to expand increasingly into other domains in the society.

I’ve a few ideas in mind

  1. Open Innovation and future Enterprise 2.0
  2. Opening up the collaboration with Russia in the fields of mechanical wood and building
  3. Open Innovation in Process Automation and technical support
  4. Open Innovation and the evolution of the bioenergy value chain
  5. How to create cross-border collaboration when cultural differences are creating barriers

Openness and empowerment are increasingly being considered as important components of strategical thinking in governments and publc institutions around the world. The Obama campaign and the uprising in Iran indicate that the new strategies can be effective in the struggle for political power. Governments in United States, UK and Australia have been active in opening up public data. In Finland, a catalog for open public data, and a competition for building on that data, have been launched recently. The Public Broadcasting Company (YLE) has committed itself to an enabler strategy, which centers on open access and collaborative (re)use of media. Overall, digitalization and declining costs for data storage and transmission have enabled near unlimited sharing of cultural products. Open collaborations have produced cultural artefacts, ranging from movies and animations to music; furthermore some artists have successfully embraced openness in the form of allowing remixes or distributing their products. Recent cases like the Finnish Carrot Mob and Electric Cars – Now! movement suggest that new organizational strategies will have increasing importance even for the production of consumer goods and services.”


Written by Irmeli Aro

August 29, 2009 at 9:29 pm

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