Irmeli Aro #moodleMOOCs throughout the Summer 2013

Reflecting Prerequisites to Co-creation – the #moodleMOOC begins!

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I’m sharing an a-HA moment experienced during my recent Encounter Art Facilitator studies. – Co-creative learning indeed produces more than the sum of each learner’s individual input. The extra we see does not appear from nothing though. When we learn and work together collaboratively and connected it’s a privilege to perform more than what we would when learning or teaching alone. The other side of the coin is that we are also forced to do more. The whole does not progress without each and every participant performing some extra work – at times this means not only some extra learning efforts, but big learning efforts. This extra required of us does not happen without dedicated time, space, support, care… That’s why during a MOOC – or actually during any co-creative learning setting – the personal learning process plays an extremely important role. The personal process can be separated and very different from what we share collectively. Successful personal processes of each individual learner are prerequisites to the whole we expect to achieve. This is how I currently perceive the personal process – these eight elements belong to a learning day of a MOOCer:









The dialogue of learning processes is one issue I’d like to reflect more during this MOOC. Have you got similar experiences? Or totally different? Why might that be? 

I’m very much looking forward to proceeding to the first #moodleMOOC week!

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Written by Irmeli Aro

June 1, 2013 at 10:14 pm

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