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Great things happening in Finland – OPEN 2009, call for papers

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Sharing this blogpost by Helge Keitel, original idea by Petri Kola – see you in Finland, virtually or live 🙂

“I got this Call for Papers « OPEN 2009 from Petri Kola. “OPEN 2009” – Media Lab Doctor of Arts Symposium Media Lab, University of Art and Design Helsinki | November 5.–6., 2009 | Helsinki, Finland

What does this mean for …

… organizations?
… consumers?
… citizens?
… research?
… business?
… design?
… culture?
… art?
… society?
… environment?
… you/me/us/everyone else?

pic01Pic: Irmeli Aro’s Flickr

Here is more about “OPEN 2009” – Media Lab Doctor of Arts Symposium focuses on the role of openness in a post-industrial society. The central argument goes as follows: Coupled with the continuous development of an open network infrastructure, new ways of organismic, communicating and collaborating are rapidly changing the lives of people globally. The efficiency and resilience of these practices is bringing them from the periphery of the society towards its center. Thus far, software development and media are areas where new organizational forms have been able to out-compete more traditional forms. Examples stemming from Linux software development and the Wikipedia community have widely been used to describe the trend. They are based on open knowledge and individual empowerment, representing an alternative for the traditional hierarchical power relation. We believe that the phenomena will continue to expand increasingly into other domains in the society.

I’ve a few ideas in mind

  1. Open Innovation and future Enterprise 2.0
  2. Opening up the collaboration with Russia in the fields of mechanical wood and building
  3. Open Innovation in Process Automation and technical support
  4. Open Innovation and the evolution of the bioenergy value chain
  5. How to create cross-border collaboration when cultural differences are creating barriers

Openness and empowerment are increasingly being considered as important components of strategical thinking in governments and publc institutions around the world. The Obama campaign and the uprising in Iran indicate that the new strategies can be effective in the struggle for political power. Governments in United States, UK and Australia have been active in opening up public data. In Finland, a catalog for open public data, and a competition for building on that data, have been launched recently. The Public Broadcasting Company (YLE) has committed itself to an enabler strategy, which centers on open access and collaborative (re)use of media. Overall, digitalization and declining costs for data storage and transmission have enabled near unlimited sharing of cultural products. Open collaborations have produced cultural artefacts, ranging from movies and animations to music; furthermore some artists have successfully embraced openness in the form of allowing remixes or distributing their products. Recent cases like the Finnish Carrot Mob and Electric Cars – Now! movement suggest that new organizational strategies will have increasing importance even for the production of consumer goods and services.”


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August 29, 2009 at 9:29 pm

Interesting in Finland right now: A new international social media development network under construction

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Translation from the Finnish original @ Zipipop . Very interesting to see what CONCRETE steps this leades into.


Zipipop and Markku Silén create the biggest social media development network in Finland in order to improve the ability of making results of organizations.

Markku Silén, MD of Winnovation Oy (Ltd) started in a position of Chairman of Board of Zipipop in August 2009. Silén was acting as MD for Accenture Finland & Nordic 1994-2007. Zipipop and Silén aim at creating an international network of developing social media in Finland.

pic01Pic: Irmeli Aro’s Flickr

Co-operation partners of Zipipop are Finnish Fifth Element, Chinese software development company Ethos Technologies and telecommunications operator TDC. “We are searching as well for representatives of organizations in national level, media and research communities. Our focus is to boost the co-operation and operational development based on social media in Finnish organizations”, says Silén.

”I believe in the breakthrough of  social media as a new communication environment of companies during next years”, says Silén. “Efficient involving of clients, co-operation partners and the own staff as well as a strong atmosphere of collaboration are gong to be even more important key performance indicators for most organizations. Open innovation, co-operation between research communities and companies as well as the efficient involvement of customers are core competences in future competition and performance in Finland”, continues Silén. “Internationally, world leading companies have during the last year started a number of innovation and feedback channels for their customers, using e.g. Twitter or Facebook applications. Finnish companies may already be critically behind this trend”, warns Silén.

”Main experience of social media is within the young generation, who on the other hand lack knowledge of and experience in entrepreneurial and change leadership processes. I’m convinced that an efficient networking between Ethos Technologies, Fifth Element, TDC and Winnowation we’ll be able to help all Finnish organizations with their innovation processes and e.g. marketing and developing customer service and productivity”, comments Helene Auramo, MD of Zipipop.

With our co-operation network, we’ve produced a change management program for leaders of organizations. With it an organization is able to recognize critical areas of utilizing social media in their success. We are not only consulting, but produce the social media solutions and coaching for the change with organizations. We’ll be able to utilize innovative and flexible development methods and knowledge of software programming from China”, says Silén.

Zipipop is a social media consulting company founded n July 2007. It won the title of “Most Promising Mobile Start-up” in the Mobile 2.0 Event in Barcelona n 2008. Zipipop was the only Scandinavian start-up company in the LeWeb Event in Paris in last year. During this year Zipipop has woken a lot of attention in different medias as a commentator of social media and as a keynote speaker of some events within the branch.

Silén has during last two years built a strong co-operation network focusing on establishment of innovative entrepreneurial solutions. He’s owner and Member of Board in Fifth Element which creates mobile solutions and as well in Chinese software development company Ethos Technologies, in addition to Zipipop. “We’ve created a solid network, which is able to produce innovative solutions based on social media and mobile applications in a very cost efficient way. The first common client and ICT partner of the network in Finland is TDC, which further develops also its customer care concept and portal environment.”

For further information, please contact:

Markku Silén, Winnovation
puh.: +358 400 444 038

Helene Auramo, Zipipop
puh.: 050 492 1999

Esa Parjanen, TDC
puh.: 050 994 2410

Jukka Sonninen, Fifth Element
Puh.: 0400 446 110

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August 27, 2009 at 4:15 pm

#CCK09 Passing the next starting line of sharing learning connectivism :)

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The following picture visualizes well how the beginning of learning connectivism feels for the learner. The traditional learning skills focus on affecting / curing / caring for the visible part – whether we call it a problem, need, opportunity, chance, dilemma… When learning the traditional way – nothing changes, nothing new really happens after the official learning part ends.


The original Finnish text of the above picture says: “Well, that one will be easy to tear up…” (It visualizes corruption, but according to my current experience of and competence on learning, it forms a suitable metaphor for connectivism – and (trans)cultural learning in general! – as well. Connectivism is special because the start-up phase grubs the soil, even digs in the ground deep enough in order to begin to make the rootstock visible. Because the rootstock has been unvisible for year and years – learned without reflection, never unlearned – the start-up phase boosts feelings of learning like: Disorienting dilemma, cognitive overload, complete chaos… What is good and even unique in this process is that it really boosts conscious unlearnng; revealing great fresh new soil for – LEARNING!!! This is how and why connectivism is the means of (organizational) learning for this and the next decades.

After having lived the chaos learning for a year and really feeling full of collaborative energy when now passing the treshold to next challenges – what has brought me here and brought me all the energy is the amazing network of co-learners who have gatherer around me. Without you nothing of this personal learning process would have been possible. Thank you. Every one of you. From the bottom of my heart.

As a concluson of my personal learning experience so far: The connective theory is lifewide, holistic and transformative. It demands giving your everything. But because the connective learning process boosts network processes, the mutual benefits get multiplied compared to the amount an invidual gives and shares, aids and cares.

Much, much more difficult and demanding than diving into the connective theory has been learning a completely new way of studying –> working –> living by shared learning. Adopting applications like WordPress, Flickr, Twitter, Picasa, Facebook… – I would say – is less than 5% of the whole needed to be learned prior to being able to begin to put connectivism into practice. More than 95% of the learning consists of the 21st century competences of shared learning.What has been most new and different from all studying, working… cultures I’ve experinced before is that in a connective context there’s always someone to help you! Reaching this point needs conscious effort on working on your competence on critisism and openness, enthusiasm and fears, diving deep and being cautious… That’s why it takes more than 95% of your learning – in the beginning. These are skills and competences needing repeated practice and unlearning – something that never has been recognized in the cultures I’ve experienced before.

The above A-HA experience is my lead idea in front of Connectivism and Connective Knowledge Course CCK09 –> distributing this knowledge in practice – and beginning within my own closest culture and surroundings. This month will be time of gathering key themes learned so far – for deepening and sharing them during CCK09. Having reached this point feels very good. Looking forward to meeting all of you – old and new CCK fellow learners :).

(Source of the picture: Photographed from Finnish Newspaper Länsiväylä, August 1-2, 2009 issue, page 14. The drawer uses alias ‘JOKE’.)

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August 3, 2009 at 11:56 am